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2013 – Flags Across America remembers 9/11

September 12, 2013 in DC CPOA News, Flags Across America by Michael Jarbeck

184 Americans perished on 9/11 when American Airlines flight 77 struck the west side of the Pentagon.  In paying honor and respect, the DC CPOA/Flags Across America, placed 184 American flags on the 14th Street bridge yesterday.  These flags have individual names of the victims of that tragic day.

  Additionally, our fellow Chief’s from Pittsburgh, PA placed 40 U. S. Flags at the United Airlines flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA.



CPOA Chapters Encouraged to ‘Adopt a National Cemetery’ This Veteran’s Day

May 13, 2013 in Celebrations, DC CPOA News, Flag Day, Flags Across America, Memorial by Jon Ostrowski

By:  YNCS Michael Jarbeck

 In 1996, The Reservist magazine published a two-part series entitled Coast Guard Monuments Across the USA.  The series prompted a visit by a group Coast Guardsmen to Arlington National Cemetery (ANC).  During the visit they noticed that many of the fallen servicemen had the appropriate service flag placed next to their headstone during the period leading up to Veteran’s Day. They also noticed that the Coast Guard standard was absent from gravesites of CG members. So commencing with Veteran’s Day 1998, U. S. Coast Guard flags have been placed on Coast Guard graves prior to Veterans Day leading to the birth if Flags Across America (FAA).

   Over the past 15 years the FAA has proudly and reverently, displayed the Coast Guard Standard and National Ensign on over 400 ANC graves sites for our fallen shipmates who lived and died by the Coast Guard core values of Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty. This year’s Flags Across America event at ANC will take place on November 2, 2013.

   I ask all Chief Petty Officers Association Chapters consider adopting a National Cemetery in your area of responsibility and place the Coast Guard Standard and National Ensign on Coast Guard Veterans graves from November 2 until November 12, 2013 in observance of Veteran’s Day. A list of National Cemeteries can be found at the following website: The CPOA Chapters will need to work with the National Cemeteries administrative offices (that they adopt) for guidance and approval.

   Flags Across America events are low-key family events open to all — veterans, those still serving, family and friends.  An informal program led by your chapter is recommended prior to placement of the flags. Some program ideas include: presentation of the Colors by a Coast Guard unit, a guest speaker, benediction, playing of TAPS, Semper Paratus on bag pipes and signing of the National Anthem.  In addition, consider offering local youth groups the opportunity to give a presentation on the history of the National Ensign and the National Anthem.  A group photo to capture your event and publicize it locally. Finally, some simple refreshments are a nice way to say thank you to those who come out to support our veterans.

   Flag Across America has some limited resources to assist CPOA Chapters in acquiring flags.  If your chapter does wish to participate, send YNCS Michael Jarbeck an e-mail (see below) with the National Cemetery that your chapter will be adopting and number of National Ensigns and CG Standards needed.  For example, if you contact a local National Cemetery and they indicate they have 200 Coast Guard Veterans buried in the cemetery, you would need 200 National Ensigns and Coast Guard Standards.  The flags would be purchased and sent to your chapter.  Again FAA’s resources are limited. There is the possibility local CPOA Chapters may have to incur part of the cost.  Flags typically sell for $2.00 to $3.00 each.

If you would like a script from last year’s Flag Across America ANC event – contact FAA Chairperson YNCS Michael A. Jarbeck at 202 475-5220 or

Naval Order of the United States pledges support

July 21, 2012 in DC CPOA News, Restoration by PACM Alholm

Members of the National Capitol Commandery of the Naval Order of the USA pose for a picture.

WDCCPOA chapter members SCPO Grimes and SCPO Trefney stand with members of the National Capitol Commandery of the Naval Order of the United States.

Chapter members Senior Chief Jon Grimes and Senior Chief Craig Trefney met  with members of the National Capitol Commandery of the Naval Order of the United States on Jul. 19 concerning our efforts to restore USCG Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery.

Senior Chief Jon Grimes (left) and Senior Chief Craig Trafney stand with chapter president Captain John Rodgaard, USN after their briefing to the National Commandery of the Naval Order of the United States.

Senior Chief Trefney provided an outstanding brief on the history of the memorial and then Senior Chief Grimes shared our vision to restore the memorial.  They graciously excepted a pledge of financial support in the amount of $500.  The organization also agreed to publish our restoration  project in their publications.

The Naval Orders purpose “is to encourage research and writing on naval and maritime subjects and to promote the preservation of historic artifacts and memories of our naval and maritime history.  You can find out more about the Naval Order of the United States here and the National Capital Commandery here.

“Restore Coast Guard Hill 2012″ at Arlington National Cemetery

June 6, 2012 in DC CPOA News, Memorial, USCG News by Jon Ostrowski

Dear Shipmate,

The Chief Petty Officers Association of the District of Columbia has the honor of standing watch over many of the national monuments and institutions that honor and recognize the heroics, sacrifice and duty of our fellow shipmates. One of these is “Coast Guard Hill” at Arlington National Cemetery.

If you have visited the cemetery or participated in Coast Guard Flags Across America, you know how special is this tribute to our fallen shipmates. Over the years, the DC-CPOA has maintained this memorial; however, we have found that the monument is in need of a major restoration.

I am writing to ask you today to help us restore the monument at Coast Guard Hill. We have received a number of quotes and will need a total of $95,000 to restore the monument to its former glory. The restoration will take place in two phases: First, we will restore the monument from the ground up, taking it back to its original smooth and shining surface. Last, we will restore the entire cobblestone deck around the monument to complete the monument restoration.

We appreciate your consideration of this request and sincerely appreciate your devotion and support of the U.S. Coast Guard Memorial on Coast Guard Hill. For more information or if you have any questions about the memorial, please do not hesitate to contact me at (703) 789-1899 or

Semper Paratus!

Senior Chief Jon Ostrowski
President, D.C. Chapter – Chief Petty Officers Association

Chapter Chief earns “Altus Tendo” Award

May 24, 2011 in Awards, Celebrations, DC CPOA News, Photos, USCG News by Jon Ostrowski

Congratulation’s to HSC Teresa Padilla for being recognized at the Chief Petty Officers Academy with the “Altus Tendo” award.  Chief Padilla is a graduate of class-177.  We are proud to have her in our Washington DC Chapter of the CPOA.